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The company, M/s PFIL Securities Ltd. was incorporated on 19th May 1995 with The
Registrar of Companies, Delhi & Haryana, New Delhi. Certificate of commencement
of business was received on 31.05.1995.Membership of The National stock Exchange
of India Ltd. in the Capital Market Segment was obtained in November 1995, trading
membership in F&O Segment was obtained in August 2000 and Clearing Membership
in F&O segment was obtained in September 2002.

Company is mainly into proprietary trading activities.

The Following Companies are our Group Companies:

1. Pariwar Finance and Investment India Ltd. is a group company. Its is a public
limited company with listing in Delhi Stock Exchange and Ahmedabad Stock Exchange,
two old Stock Exchanges of India. Pariwar Finance is also a Stock Broking firm with
membership of The Stock Exchange, Mumbai, Since February 2001.
Mumbai Stock Exchange is the second most popular stock exchange of India after
National Stock Exchange. Thus group has the membership of both prominent exchanges of India.

2. Twenty First Century Traders Pvt. Ltd. is owning a commercial flat in Vandhna Building,
Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi where PFIL Securities Limited’s Registered Office is situated.
This company is in no active business except Rental Income from this flat.

3. Bandhu Sales Pvt. Ltd. is an investment company.

4. Maharanie Traders Pvt. Ltd. is a investment company.

5. Alishan Traders Pvt. Ltd. is a investment company.

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